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We are two hella gay women living in the South; proud, bleeding-heart liberals. We believe in equality. We believe that Black lives matter and that reproductive rights must be protected. We know love is love and climate change is real. And every one of us must vote strategically in every election, in every state, to save and protect our democracy.

With every shirt sold, we are happily donating $1 to the ACLU, to help them continue their work to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in America.

We hope our tees help other bleeding hearts in the U.S. #takebacktheflag, rescue it from those who use it for ill will under false "patriotism." We love this country, and all the good things it can inspire people to be.  And we're grateful for your support.


Why you’ll love your tee:

Every shirt will have a pro-human, pro-liberal, or pro-science message, paired with our beautiful stars and stripes.


All of our unisex shirts are a preshrunk jersey knit, made of 100% ring spun cotton.

When you wear your shirt out in public, you’ll get knowing nods from other liberals out in the world who want to #takebacktheflag. It's so good to know who your people are.

Support Reproductive Rights Liberal Tshi
Now is the time to be flag-wearing liber

Why we started this business:

One day, we were driving through our suburban neighborhood and we noticed something… Every time we saw a home prominently displaying the American flag, we felt slightly nervous about how they would feel about the lesbian Hispanic family living down the street. And then we thought - when did THAT happen? When did we start associating the flag with racism and homophobia?


We realized we had been feeling that way for years, and knew a lot of other people felt that way, too. As if conservatives - including racists and homophobes -  had somehow commandeered the flag, and anyone who displayed it would now be categorized the same way. As a result, many liberals are so uncomfortable they don't risk displaying the flag at all, for fear of being mistaken as being aligned with conservatives. That's not right. This is our country, too. 


That’s when we had an idea. What if we created a line of t-shirts that proudly display our liberal values AND the American flag?


What if we took the flag back?


In that moment, we decided now is the time to become flag-wearing liberals, and Great Democracy Tees was born.

It's time to #takebacktheflag.